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There is a New Way of Operating… There is a New Way of Working… There is new way of Being… Question is… Are You Ready for It?

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Utilizing the right advisor skills at the right time for each unique client and their unique challenges is what gets your goals achieved faster.
Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Create a leadership culture that will deliver superior customer satisfaction, higher profits, increased productivity and keep your best people working for you.
Leadership Development

Leadership Assessment Tools

Obtaining honest feedback at the top can be difficult. We do the assessments for you so you can stop guessing and start taking action where it matters most.
Transform your business and organization by creating a culture of leadership, empowerment and innovation quickly with lasting results.
Utilizing consulting, coaching and training, we show leaders and business owners how to increase their results using practical, business tested leadership and management tactics – not unproven theory.



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I believe that every entrepreneur and leader can create the business, organization and life of their dreams… And I am here to help you achieve the prosperity, freedom and lifestyle you want faster.

You’ll learn… The new paradigm for success and master your mindset so you can so you can perform at your best, grow your business and create the life you desire to do more of the world-changing stuff you want to do.

Every single one of my long-term clients has made substantial gains in their personal performance; crushing limiting beliefs, overcoming fears and making wiser use of their time while being able to reduce their stress, obtain more balance and live with greater purpose. And you’ll do the same…

"...I also appreciated how he would call me out on something if I wasn't being firm in taking the appropriate action to change a behavior. This tactic has made me realize the power my own words have over my actions. I really enjoyed my time working with Derek and would not hesitate for a second to recommend his services to other professionals that are in need of coaching."
– Bill C., Chicago, IL



Energetic, honest and to-the-point, Derek Lauber is a successful, trusted coach and consultant to entrepreneurs, leaders and high achievers. For over 8 years he has helped his clients fully leverage their talents, change their limiting beliefs and overcome their fears so they can dramatically increase their performance, achieve greater levels of success and have more freedom.

He is an entrepreneur and leader whose been a part of two successful startups. He knows and understands the daily challenges and struggles entrepreneurs and leaders face and deeply knows the dreams they aspire to fulfill.

Derek completed Georgetown University's Leadership Coaching Program and is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation.

Derek is now a member of PwC’s US Leadership Coaching Center of Excellence (LC CoE)! Views communicated on this website, Derek’s blog and social media sites are his alone.

"...My personal and professional goals have never been clearer, and the path to attain my ‘perfect picture’ has never been more apparent. Derek’s coaching and his technique has stuck with me, helping me achieve the successes I wish to realize.

Derek is a firm believer in his clients his repertoire of candid and direct questions will further help you tackle small, yet critical tasks, while still focusing on macro ambitions. I profoundly recommend his coaching to anyone looking to gain focus and attain help in accomplishing their goals.”
– Inderpal S., San Francisco, CA

"...Derek’s coaching has had a profound effect on my life. When confronted with challenges in my personal and professional life, his guidance has helped me figure it all out. He is laid back, compassionate, and always gives you his undivided attention.

He is receptive to new ideas, no matter what your situation may be. I would not be as happy, motivated, and focused without having sought his coaching.”
– J.M., DBA, Electronic Trading Firm, Chicago, IL